Home Staging or Real Estate Valuation

What's this ?


Real estate valuation is aimed at sellers and consists of preparing their property with the aim of facilitating the sale by arousing desire among potential buyers.


Why ?


  • So that it appeals to more and that future buyers can more easily see it.

  • For the property to be the most attractive in its « category »: in a market where there are a lot of properties to sell, it is essential to stand out positively and quickly.

  • To sell it faster: a good that has been present for too long on a market will stir up discussions and negative comments, especially on the price. In addition, keeping your property for sale is expensive in maintenance, charges and taxes, round trip ...
  • To eliminate points of negotiation: small jobs or a refresh of paint which will not be necessary any more will avoid possible levers of negotiation.


How ?


It is about highlighting all the assets of the property, taking into account the existing and valuing it to the maximum.
This concerns the interior as well as the exterior, because if the exterior is not maintained, the image of the property will be negative even before the interior visit.
It is important to do the small jobs that have often been postponed, to make the decoration as neutral as possible (refreshing a painting that is many years old, changing a tapestry, etc.)
Please note: Home staging is the complete opposite of decoration and it is not renovation either.


Some numbers :


90% of buyers are unable to project themselves into an interior that is not placed in a situation.
The average time to sell in France after a Home Staging service is 35 days, compared to 127 days without this service.


Our offer


In a quality of service approach and in order to best support our selling customers, the management team is trained and graduated in Home Staging.

We favor our collaboration in real estate valuation (Home Staging) through an exclusive mandate.

  • Sale
  • Property inhabited or not

From Home Staging diagnostics to a turnkey service, we are here to offer you the best solution.